Wednesday, September 12, 2012

she is here! she is perfect!

she is here!

she is dark and lovely (i'm still hoping esther will be our lightest skinned baby).

she is also small and squashy (just over 5lb).

she sleeps a lot (i love this stage).

i'm afraid of breaking her! (she's so little!)

she feels like a feather in the baby wrap.  i want to cuddle and hug her all day and night, especially knowing that she went for the past few days without many cuddles and hugs.

we are feeling more comfortable about the possibility of adoption, though things are always changing in the foster care system so we certainly don't know for sure.

what we do know is that we want her to delight in God's grace, and join His eternal family.

and it would be nice if she got to join our family too. :)  like the fa' eva eva kind of joining.

no matter what happens, we are grateful to God for his grace through her and we are honored to care for His precious little one.

PS less importantly, but still good news, MJ continues to perk up more and more and is eating and drinking more :)

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