Wednesday, September 12, 2012

one week. two adoptions?

on sunday, we adopted a new hen.  she is a few years old and didn't seem to get the best care in her previous home.  we are excited to have another layer, but are having to give her a lot of extra care right now as she adjusts (hand feeding and watering her, letting her sleep in our laundry room at night, keeping her quarantined for a few weeks from the divas, our nickname for our other 3 chickens).  she looked quite sickly the first day she came here, but is starting to perk up after just a few days with us, which is encouraging to see.

but more exciting than that, we got an unexpected call yesterday.  our foster agency called us about a latina baby.  it was unexpected because we were previously told that esther had to have her first round of vaccines (but we have learned thru our fostering experience thus far that they are often willing to bend rules if they trust you as a foster parent).  the decision had to be made fast but it was hard.  the birth mother seems to have little chance of getting things together to get her baby back, but birth dad is an unknown at this point.  so we are taking a step of faith and said yes.

baby girl is being discharged from the hospital today at noon, after which her social worker will drive her to our house.  will you take a minute to pray for her?  please pray that she will be healthy and strong.  moreover, pray that her heart would be tender toward God from a young age and that she will become a vibrant christian one day.  pray that we will trust God in this process and that if it is His will, that we could adopt her quickly.

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