Thursday, July 2, 2015

June in our Home: In Pictures

This month's update will be in pictures.  I just got a nice camera before we left for Portugal, and I have been loving it so much!

Here are some highlights from this month, in pictures.

Hudson got his first haircut this month.  Here is a before picture:
And here is after...
Whoops.  Botched that a bit.  In my defence, Hudson was squirming too much to do it the "right" way, so he just ended up getting more or less a bowl cut.  Alex says he looks like this:
We also moved into our new house this month.
 And met some of our new neighbors.
(That's a bison.)
Settling is taking longer than I would thought, so I haven't taken many pics of the inside yet, but here is one of our entryway.  Please come visit if you haven't yet.
The first week of June we were in the Azores, Portugal visiting family.  Here is Esther swinging in the yard of our hotel.
And here she is exploring flowers at a huge royal garden on the island.
Too many beautiful flower pics.
And Hudson being cute.

I have tons more vacation photos (about 2000 to be exact) so I hope to post more eventually!