Monday, August 23, 2010

random life updates

i am giving myself 5 minutes to write an update, and then i need to feed lovely girl, take the boys to the potty and head to bed!

*we have secured a house!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!  i was starting to get a teeny bit nervous.  it is 3 bedrooms and a bathroom with a garage that we can convert into a little apartment for my mom when she moves here.  it has a lemon tree in the backyard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i have always wanted a house with a fruit tree).  also i will be allowed to plant a vegetable/herb garden (UPDATE: God is good!  it actually came with an herb garden!  they forgot to show it to us when they showed us the house).  i am hoping because of the good weather here that i can start at least some small things soon, and i wont have to wait until next spring.  i am so excited to have a washer and dryer, a yard for the kiddos and a larger place to have people over.  i am also VERY excited to not have a baby in our bedroom any more!!!  and to separate the brothers so that the littlest man can get back on a better sleep schedule (his brothers keep him up at night).

*the past few days have been much better with the kiddos.  the past two afternoons we have spent at an awesome little park by us, and they were laughing almost the whole time.  it warms my heart just to even think about it :)

*have started some informal preschooling with the oldest boy.  even since we have gotten him, i have noticed big improvements in his ability to identify colors and count!  my next goal is to work on letters.

*we have been SUPER blessed to have people coming over frequently to help out.  i am grateful beyond words. it is also super humbling.  more on that in a future post?

5 minutes is up.  more another night!

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