Tuesday, August 24, 2010

overcome by exhaustion

i have been tired since we got the first two kiddos, but absolute exhaustion has characterized my past few days.  i dont even remember my day at work today.  i was literally delirious.

fortunately, my mom is with us now to help for the next two weeks.

by God's grace i have been pretty ok with a lack of time for myself, but i do miss getting to read the bible and to a lesser extent getting to go running.

remembering this quote has been a bit of an encouragement to me (thanks to my friend joe for sharing it with me)

Martyn Lloyd-Jones once spoke with a group of medical students who complained that in the midst of their training and the ferocious work hours they really didn’t even have time to read the Bible and have their devotions and so on. He bristled and said, “I am a doctor. I have been where you are. You have time for what you want to do.” After a long pause he said, “I make only one exception: the mother of preschool-aged children does not have time and emotional resources.”
It is important to recognize, too, that there are stages of life where you really don’t have time to do much, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Children will sap you. If you have three children under the age of six, forget serious reading unless you have the money for a nanny. When our youngest finally went off to kindergarten, we celebrated that day—I took my wife out for lunch. Only then could she get back into reading again. It’s the way life is. You have to be realistic.

i really miss reading.  but i am trusting God to bring me through until it can be a reality in my life again.

please pray that i could get some solid sleep.   the lack thereof is really really catching up to me.

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