Friday, May 4, 2012

new look and a facebook page

spring is in the air! and on the blog!

after 2 (3 maybe?) years of the same look, i decided it was time for an update.  i felt like dandelions were appropriate because of my eternal battles with our yard full of dandelions... its been a recent theme of my homekeeping.  a couple weeks ago, we started eating them, so they aren't all that bad.  i also read that you can make dandelion wine out of them, but that seems a bit beyond my skill level for the moment (although i dont know why i am intimidated, as i pretty regularly ferment other things, such as milk, flour, rice, fruits and vegetables.)
'Dandelion' photo (c) 2011, Madeleine Ball - license:

i am also working on the labels for all of my posts.  hopefully soon i will have all my posts organized under 5-10 broad themes, to make for easy topical searches of the site.

could you do me a favor, dear reader?  could you give me some feedback so that i can serve you best?  i would love to hear your answers to these...

what do you think about the new look?  [if you normally read this via an rss feed, please click through to see the new look and let me know what you think.]

what kind of content would you like to see here?  are there topics you would like me to expound on, or new ground to cover?

what is your favorite part about this blog and what would you change if you could?

you can respond in a comment, or on the new facebook page, or via email if you would prefer it to be private: sarah(dot)hope(dot)costa(at)gmail(dot)com.

what's this about a new facebook page, you ask? yes, my friend, theologista blog is the real deal... there is now a facebook fan page.  my hope is that it will be a community where we can discuss topics from the blog more in depth, and i can get to know all of you better.  you will also be able to ask others about the topics from the blog, so that you aren't always just hearing my point of view!  please check it out, i would love for you to be more involved here. :)

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