Tuesday, May 29, 2012


this saturday, i am running the AIDS 5K with friends from church.  this is my second year running it. looking back on last year's 5K i have 3 distinct memories to share:

not a great pic, but the only pic i have of the race last year!

1. i was 25 weeks pregnant when i ran last year.  i went to the bathroom right before we started, but inevitably i had to go to the bathroom 15 minutes into the race.  i really, really wanted to stop and go (it was all i could think about the last half of the race), there were even bathrooms along the side of the race course!  but i didn't stop, i just pushed forward to the end.  which is good, because...

2. i wasn't really keeping track of my time or placement, all i knew is that lots of people had passed me at the beginning of the race.  but when i could see the finish line, i noticed that there was a girl in reachable distance ahead of me.  so i did what tons of other people have done to me (which is where i learned this strategy!), i sprinted to pass her, just before the finish line.  and just as i was crossing, i heard "and here comes our first female finisher!", which was surprising because...

3. my time was something like 28 minutes.  by far the slowest 5K i have ever run.  my times usually are between 22-25 minutes, but i hadn't trained for the 5K (i gave up running in favor of resistance training about 2 years ago), AND i was 25 weeks pregnant.  to be fair, i must mention that it was a pretty small race.  but still surprising (and encouraging) that i did so well!

anyways, i am looking forward to the race this saturday if for nothing more than it being a challenge.  originally my goal was going to be to beat my time from last year, but i haven't been able to train because of some knee pain (God's way of humbling me because i was idolizing beating my time).  i'm sure i'll be able to finish, just probably not very fast.

last year, my goal was to raise $100, and i beat my goal by $20.  this year, my goal is to raise $500 to help end the spread of AIDS in long beach.  so far, i have raised $150, so i have $350 to go.  would you consider being a part of making that happen?  if you would like to sponsor me, go here.

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