Monday, May 21, 2012

are you living like an orphan?

"i will not leave you as orphans.  i will come to you."

-Jesus, in john 14:18

can you imagine something in the world more lonely than being an orphan?  i think it must be just about the scariest and most lonesome thing.

no one to care if you don't get breakfast (or lunch...  or dinner).  no one to protect you from sexual predators.  no one who will snuggle with you when you need to cry.  no one to pull a blanket over you when you shiver at night.

jesus promises that he will not leave his followers as orphans.  moreover, he will come to us (not vice versa).

that means we DO have someone who desires to provide for us and protect us.  and that is a promise more sure than anything you will ever hear.

the world does not have this promise.  but as believers, we do.  are you living like it?

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