Friday, March 30, 2012

march in our home

its spring.  i've been busy.

i'm getting a little peak into the lives of farmers, on why planting season is so overwhelming  [hopefully i will also experience the busyness of harvest season...]

its been fun.  i'm enjoying it all... which is good because it has been a lot of work.

what have i been working on?

*chickens- they are a lot of work.  but still, somehow, less than i expected.  right now is harder because they are still sleeping in a box inside, so i have to clean it pretty often, and take them outside every morning and such.  but soon they will be out in their coop (like, within the next week!) which will lighten the load a bit.  its cute watching them run around the yard and peck at things.  but its a little bit stressful because i feel like i need to keep an eye on them when they are outside (mostly i am afraid of neighborhood cats getting to them. when they are older it probably wont be an issue but they are still small right now).  i also helped alex with a couple things in building the coop.  but he did most of the work and did a GREAT job :)

Alex hard at work!
in progress...
the final product!  and esther :)

*planting seedlings-  i feel like my whole day revolves around growing things- babies, chickens and now plants.  so far i have planted spinach, lettuce, parsley, columbines (a type of flower), cosmos (another flower), bell peppers, melon and tomatoes.  i also will be planing basil and ginger in the near future. i am really hoping my garden goes well this year, especially since i am putting much more time and money into our garden than last year.

*various yard stuff- getting rid of dandelions [i dont want to use chemicals, so its pretty labor-intensive].  tilling gardens [which i actually find rather enjoyable, though laborious].  moving plants around [out of the sunny gardens where i want to plant veggies, into shady gardens].  trying to keep up with the already existing gardens.

*chasing esther around- haha, not really.  but she is becoming more mobile, which requires more time and energy.  not quite officially crawling yet, but rolling and scooting pretty effectively.

*reading- one of my goals this year is to read the whole bible, and i recently started studying part of it (the book of james) more deeply with some friends.  i am enjoying both... but its been taking a lot of time, 1-2 hours every morning.  but i am learning a lot.  maybe i will blog about it in the near future.

hence my lack of blogging lately.  but i have lots of posts floating around in my head... one day they will make it on paper... er... computer screen.

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