Tuesday, March 6, 2012

i'm pregnant again!

well i'm not actually pregnant but i might as well be... we just found out from our fostering agency that they are going to allow us start the paperwork to get another baby!  doubtless it will take months to get thru the paperwork and classes we need to do, but then again a pregnancy would take a number of months too.  its all in preparation for our next little one, and all in God's timing.

i wish i could know the exact day, hour and minute that i will get to hold her... but we really have no idea of when at this point.

if you are curious, for further reading...

this is why we are adopting

this is why we are choosing to adopt through the foster care system

this is a little about our first four foster kids

and more about lovely girl (the youngest of the four)

reading this made me really miss her today

(side note: esther has a lot of mannerisms that remind me of lovely girl... a definite evidence of God's grace on us)

and if you are interested, here is esther's birth story

and yes, i am enjoying the last of my days as a mother of just one baby

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