Saturday, March 31, 2012

links i like: birth control, sensory basket for baby, getting healthy and infant routines

the bible and birth control: part one and part two - the bible neither allows nor forbids birth control. however, there are some bad methods of birth control to be aware of.

sensory treasure basket for baby- i love this idea!  i hope to make one of these for esther soon :)

lose weight and get healthy! - how many times have you heard this phrase before?  does losing weight mean getting healthier?  not necessarily...

infant routines: part one, part two, part three - in my experience, children thrive when they have predictable routines.  busy mamas also are benefited from routine.  i am not an advocate of rigid scheduling, but i love the balanced approach that this mama offers.  i find that our routines are similar to the ones she describes.

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