Friday, March 21, 2014

Postpartum Rest, Fearful Parenting, Peter Hitchens' Journey to Faith {Links I Like}

To round out this week of links, I have a few more that I came across this week that I want to share.  These don't fit nicely under one topic like the other two, but are a hodgepodge of interesting reads.

5 Reasons I Fear Standing Up to My Kids - This is a good (and convicting) check-up on your parenting.

Why are America's Postpartum Practices So Rough On New Mothers? - If I had seen this earlier, it might have been added to my postpartum care post. The gist of it is, American new moms don't rest enough.  Not surprising in our go-go-go society.

This was a helpful read for me and reminder to take it easy after our baby is born in a few weeks.  Most of our new babies have been foster, so its easy for me to forget that birthing a baby involves not only adding a new family member, but also immense wear and tear on the body.  With Esther I was shocked at how long recovery took, but I was able to take it pretty easy since it was just her at the time.  This time I will have to be much more intentional to purposefully rest, for the sake of recovery.

Peter Hitchens Talks About How He Came to Faith - I like hearing anyone's story of coming to faith in Jesus, but I have wondered about his story because of his famous late Atheist brother, Christopher.  The interesting part is, it involves a famous painting.

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