Friday, March 14, 2014

3 Things to Do in Front of Your Children

Just as important as actively teaching and interacting with your children is living life in front of your children.

Do Housework  There is a current stream of thought that says the highest level of motherhood is when you are on the floor playing with your children, implying that housework and other things should be put off until later (maybe when the kids are asleep) so that you can put your best energy and attention to "quality" time with your children.  While playing with your kids is a good thing, doing housework in front of your children teaches them that all of life is not about play, and helps them to learn responsibility and a good work ethic.

Furthermore, since children learn so much by emulation, doing chores in front of them teaches them how to do chores.  Esther sees me do lots of types of housework, and even likes to "help" with things like sweeping the floor, hanging laundry and baking.  She's not actually a big help yet of course (though she's cute when she's doing it), but the more she watches and tries things out, the more she will learn.

Read Books (especially your Bible)
While reading books to your children is important, in order to raise a good reader it is important to read in front of them as well.  This is how children learn that reading is something fun, that mom and dad like to do in their free time as well.

In American Christian culture, Bible reading is often seen as something you do when you are alone with plenty of peace and quiet.  And honestly, this is the way that I prefer to read my Bible.  But just as with reading other books, it is important and good for your children to see you reading your Bible, in addition to having the Bible read to them by you.

Repent of Sin
It can be hard to repent of sin in front of your children.  But it is very, very important.  Some children raised in Christian homes choose not to follow in their parents' faith because they see the hypocrisy in their faith.  Repentance says, yes, I am a hypocrite, I do things that are different than what I say should be done.  And I need forgiveness for that.

Repentance is attractive because no one can live a perfect life, and most people who are sane realize this.  Repentance gives hope that there is a way to be relieved of the burden of this sin.  Seeing their parents' repentance should be a sweet aroma to children.

What other things are important to be done in front of your children?

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