Monday, March 17, 2014

Natural Labor and Delivery Resources

As I have been mentally preparing for the upcoming birth of our little one, I have been reading a lot of resources (and re-reading some I've seen before).  Here are some of the most helpful ones I have come across...
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Embracing Pain and Letting Go of Fear in Childbirth - For some reason I have been much more anxious about my upcoming labor than I was before my labor with Esther.  This is strange to me, because with Esther labor was an unknown, but now I have the experience of one relatively easy natural birth.  These are good points that I want to keep in mind.

Three exercises for a STRONG birth - Hopefully you have been doing these exercises for a while and don't just start a week before you are due.  If you are pregnant, start doing these now!

Make your own natural labor and birth kit- I liked the suggestions on what to bring to the hospital- for some reason I have already forgotten what I found helpful to have at my last birth.

Labor-aid recipe - A refreshing homemade drink to keep you nourished and energized during labor.

Essential oils for labor - When Esther was born, we brought lavender to the hospital but forgot to use it (slash we didn't really have time!).  This is a very exhaustive list of oils; I'll probably try to narrow it down to 2-4 oils to use.  If I remember this time :)

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