Friday, January 4, 2013

update on baby girl: a huge step back

as i have updated recently, things have progressed with baby girl's family situation since day one, and reunification seems to be in the near future.

until this week.

a few days ago, we got a call that the situation has taken a huge step back, and that things are back to square one.

which brings up so many questions.  what does this mean?  should we get our hopes up for adoption again?  or just prepare our hearts to have a non-adoptable baby in our house much longer that we anticipated?  this could drag on for another two years or more (we know people who this has happened to).  can i pour myself out for another two years for a child who isn't ours?

the answer to most of these things is that we just don't know, but that we will have to wait on and trust in God.  and the answer to that last one is a resounding YES.  by God's grace we can continue to pour out and serve, because he will empower us to do so (he's already given us the grace to be foster parents for this long!).

would you please pray for us?  please pray that our hope would be fully in jesus, and that we will wait well (in a lamentations 3 kind of way).  please pray that we would continue to love and serve on baby girl even if she is with us for another year or two before reunification.  please pray that God will glorify himself in this whole thing.

i really don't know how anyone can do this without deep trust in God's sovereignty.

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