Saturday, October 27, 2012

the mental shift from adoption to foster care

well, its happened again.  but this time it was faster.

we have made the mental shift from adoption to foster care.

its hard. some parents put forth a little effort to get their children back after they have been taken into the foster care system.  but few parents do everything exactly right, and follow court orders to a tee.  but this is the second time the mother of foster children in our care have put forth this kind of effort.

(this is not to say that we root against parents getting their lives together.  we just know that it happens frequently, and we would love the opportunity to adopt a child whose parents are unable to care for him/her.)

but i am thankful.  i am thankful because we have a good relationship with littlest miss' mother.  i am thankful that i have gotten to talk about jesus with her, and share how much he has impacted my life.  i am thankful because she has expressed interest in reading the bible, and because we got one for her.  i am thankful that God placed littlest miss with us, and he is in control of her future.

not allowed to post pics of littlest miss.  but picture esther
with a LOT more hair and darker skin.  right now LM is
about the size esther was in this pic.

and i can't help but to think ahead to our next little one.  will s/he be our forever ever child?  i don't know.  but i do know that for now there is an extra pair of cheeks, and an extra forehead in our home that require extra kisses, a little bundle of joy that requires lots of hugs and snuggles.  good thing i have more kisses and hugs than esther can handle.

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