Monday, February 6, 2012

looking forward to fresh eggs

our chickens will be here in just a few days!

to be honest, i am more nervous about the chickens than i was about becoming a mom, haha.  they seem like a lot of work!  and it will be take some time to get them into our routine, figure out how much they will destroy our yard (probably a lot :/ ) and we still need a coop for them, among other things.  honestly, babies are much simpler by comparison.

but i am keeping the end goal in sight: fresh, delicious, healthy and nutritious eggs!  we go through about two dozen eggs a week, so i am certain that we will easily eat all the eggs they produce (which i pin at 20 maximum per week).

what i am most looking forward to is having eggs that i trust to eat raw.  thats right, folks, raw eggs.

'Cracked egg' photo (c) 2012, Jim Mead - license:

but, wait sarah!  doesn't the FDA recommend cooking all eggs until they reach 160 degrees fahrenheit?  yes, they do.  and they also recommend eating lots of refined grains and pasteurized milk, two pieces of advice that i also disagree with and ignore.

in fact, raw eggs contain beneficial enzymes, and the nutrients are more in tact.  moreover, there are some recipes that can only be made with raw eggs.

i have really been craving and looking forward to...

1. mayonnaise (and making ranch dressing from the mayo!)

2. raw eggs in smoothies

3. ice cream! (i already make ice cream a lot, but without eggs.  eggs will improve the texture.)  and did you know that ice cream is the closest food to breastmilk? (warning to christian guys... you prob don't want to click thru the link)

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