Monday, February 20, 2012

the calorie myth, being green, and making a home management binder: links i like

restrained eating and obesity- will going on a diet help you lose weight? even if you stick to it, possibly (probably?) not.  on the same subject, i also recommend his series "the calorie myth":

part one- raw food weight loss
part two- digestibility
part three- eat less/exercise more
part four- stool volume (yes, this is a blog about your poo...)

(as a side note- the more i learn about nutrition, the more i realize that no one really understands nutrition very well!  its such a complex field with vastly different opinions. so feel free to read these with a grain of salt, though i do think they have good info.)

its too easy being green-  a wall street journal article examines the american belief that over-consumption is acceptable- as long as its "green".

a way through the wilderness- your home management binder- i love my home management binder!  it helps keep me sane :) after reading this article, i want to upgrade mine... which is now on my "to do" list for the coming weeks.  a definite must for stay at home mamas, especially when you have multiple little ones!

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