Thursday, February 23, 2012

links i like: the luther household, mung beans and more crunchy mamas

sometimes i wonder why i even blog, there is already so much good content out there on the internet.  and i'm not afraid to point you away from my blog to all the other good stuff.  i hope it is a blessing to you today!

hospitality and generosity in the luther home- a challenging look at the generosity of martin and katharina luther.  i was really impacted by the hard work of katharina, accepting so many guests in their home (in a day when serving a meal took much more work than it does now!) without even insisting on pay.   i also have to say that the picture made me smile; we visited wittenburg when i lived in germany and i clearly remember that room!

why we support ron paul- i was so excited when i read this post! one of my favorite real food bloggers has come out in support of ron paul.  she has never written about politics before, so why now?  watch the video to find out!

mung bean soup-  i have recently been introduced to mung beans.  i usually sprout them to put in asian stir-fry dishes or on top of salads, but this soup recipe uses them in a similar way to other kinds of beans. i found the tangy combo of tumeric and lemon juice to be fantastic!

and, part two of the stuff crunchy mamas say (i linked to part one previously)

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