Saturday, March 6, 2010

is there racial equality in the abortion industry?


it would be rather difficult to argue that the abortion industry is "equal opportunity" or color blind.  cosider these facts:

*over 40% of african american pregnancies end in abortion

*the rate of black women getting abortions is 3x higher than the rate of white women

*over 12 million african american children have been aborted since roe v wade.  many are using the word "genocide" to describe this tragedy.  and considering the fact that this number is almost double the number of jews killed in the holocaust, the number of tutsis killed in rwanda during the 1994 genocide AND the number of people killed in the darfur conflict COMBINED, genocide may indeed be the correct word to describe it.

i encourage you to do two things:

*stop right now and ask God how he would allow you to be involved in ending this genocide.  pray that he would graciously give you the opportunity to be a part of standing up for and with african americans for the sake of their people.

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