Saturday, November 23, 2013

Update on Our Move

We are just three weeks and one day away from our big back-across-country move.  Somehow this move seems a bit harder than last time.  Oh yeah, thats probably because last time we didn't have little people running around unpacking boxes after we just packed them. :)  Also, last time we didn't downsize very much, and moved in a 24' truck.  This time, we are hoping to fit the majority of our stuff in the back of two cars.
'Welcome to Indiana' photo (c) 2007, Vicki Timman - license:

Things are moving forward, sometimes slowly, but steadily.  Our big focus now is selling and giving away a LOT of stuff... we are majorly downsizing for the move because 3,000 miles of gas in a big truck loaded with stuff is expensive, and much of our stuff was used/hand-me-down when we got it, so its not worth moving across the country.  We've posted tons of stuff on craigslist, and had many people come this week to buy, but there is still SO much to get rid of.

Last week, Alex flew to Indiana for six days.  The purpose of his visit was to secure housing for us and find a job.  He made steps forward in both of those areas, but we were both hoping that something would be more set in stone than it currently is.  He has two possible job leads (neither are very firm yet) and we have two possible housing leads.  At the moment, neither housing option seems like it would be open by mid to late December.

But God has been good to me.  Though I often struggle with anxiety about things of this magnitude (especially considering all the loose ends that still need to be tied up), I generally feel a lot of peace right now, even though we don't have a place to live or health insurance once we move lined up yet.  But I know that if God wants us to move (which we firmly believe He does) then he has to provide these things to make it happen.  Its a good thing that I recently read the autobiography of George Mueller and the biography of Hudson Taylor, because both of these men were missionaries who lived by faith- they never asked anyone for financial support, they would just pray that God would provide.  And He always did.  I am reminded that we are in the same position- we are dependent on our Heavenly Father to provide everything we need, and he is faithful and trustworthy, and I know he will provide, I just don't know yet how he will do so.

And God has been dealing a lot with my heart, and showing me some idolatry.  I feel like I generally do pretty well with not loving "stuff" especially in comparison to most Americans.  But in the midst of getting rid of so many things (even items we use on a daily basis) I sometimes get a bit anxious.  "How will we live without ___?" or "Will God provide us with another ____ after we move?".  But I have to remind myself, God provided us with all of this stuff in the first place, and he can easily replace it all (and even with better stuff, if he so chooses).  Or maybe he wants us to live more simply for a while.  I don't know what his will is, but I do know that all we have is from God, and we can only look to him to continue to provide, and that is a comforting thought.

We do need lots of prayer at this time.  Would you take a couple minutes to pray for us?

*Pray for God to provide Alex with a job.  He has two possible job leads so far, as well as an idea for a business he may start.  The good news is that he will be getting unemployment from his layoff, but if we want to buy a house (which we are hoping tp do) he will need a job in the mortgage industry (one of his two possible job leads is in the mortgage industry).

*Pray for us to have peaceful hearts and trust in God, especially for his provision in all of it.

*Pray for God to provide us with a place to live when we move- preferably something long term (meaning something we could rent to own or buy right off the bat).

Thank you!


  1. I understand these feelings! Praying for you.

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