Monday, May 6, 2013

i love mondays

'Love Mondays' photo (c) 2008, Mark Hillary - license:
for the past couple of months, i have been really loving mondays.  its not my favorite day of the week, that would be sunday.  but its probably because of how great sunday is that i love monday so much.

let me explain.

one of the ways alex has been a huge blessing to me since we have gotten married is by helping me to observe the sabbath.  for the past couple of years, our sabbath pattern is to go to church in the morning, have people over for lunch afterward and hang out for the rest of the day with them.  i don't do housework on sundays, other than meal prep and clean up for our sunday lunch.  its so nice to sit for several hours every sunday afternoon while the girlies sleep and read or discuss life and spiritual things with friends.  i love sundays.

and then monday rolls around.  and since i am so well rested from sunday, i am ready to jump back in to things with two feet on monday.  i usually wake up earlier than normal on mondays.  i get right into doing the weeks' shopping, cleaning the house from the weekend's activities and planning and doing meal prep for the week.  God made us to work, and though our work is laborious because of the fall, we should also enjoy it because we are serving God through our work.  resting on sunday allows me to be joyful to jump back into work on monday.

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