Wednesday, August 1, 2012

frugal wedding series update

its been humbling and encouraging to hear all of the feedback that i have gotten from my frugal wedding series from a few years ago.  i still send it to all of my friends when they get engaged :)  and the post from the series remain some of the top read posts i have ever written.

the reason that i am most encouraged for the positive feedback from my writings is because so many people are rethinking the american norm for what a wedding should be like.  there is no inherently right or wrong way to have a wedding (the bible doesn't give any commands as to what a wedding should be like).  you could have a $500,000 wedding and honor God.  you could have a $1,000 wedding and be very self-centered.  the cost might not distract from jesus as the center, but often times it does, especially when we do weddings the same way everyone else does (spend more! do more! get more!) because that is what we are told that we are supposed to do.

anyways, i recently made a discovery, which i wanted to share with you all, another idea for how to save money on a wedding dress.  a friend of mine is getting married next year and we are ordering our bridesmaid dresses from etsy.  the dresses we are getting are going to be custom made to our specific measurements, plus we get to choose the fabric color we want and they are going to only cost $80 a piece.  that a pretty good price for a bridesmaids dress, especially one that (should) fit perfectly.

i was poking around on etsy and i found some really good prices on wedding dresses.  casual, tea length dresses started at under $100 (if i had to do it again i think i would have worn this kind of a dress), and full length, more formal dresses started at $150.  one of the reasons that dress prices were so high for years is that there was a limited number of places to buy dresses, and they could keep the prices artificially high.  now etsy is opening up the market to tons more dress makers, and the added bonus is that you get the personal touch of someone hand making a dress just for you (and you are in turn supporting a small business).

do you know someone who is planning a wedding or soon to be engaged?  send them a link to my series to help them get the right foundation for their wedding, with useful tips to keep costs low.

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