Tuesday, January 10, 2012

what i have been watching recently

i love watching/listening to videos while nursing esther, doing housework, etc.  basically, any time i can make use of my brain when my hands are busy :)  i thought i would commend a few of my favorites to you.

wondering how the primary system works?

i find the idea of a caucus a little weird.  i would not want to have to always make my vote public, and having to be at the polling place at a certain time.

what does God have to say about work? monday morning motivation

this is true of paid work and unpaid (ie being a SAH mom).  can't figure out how to embed it, so you can watch it here. 

avoid the one exercise that shrinks your muscles and speeds up aging

cardio (such as running, elliptical machine, spinning) isn't good for your health, especially if you are a woman.  here is an interesting vid from a doctor who breaks it down.

adequate vitamin d levels would get rid of the majority of colds, flu and possibly 2/3rds of cancer

the more i learn about vitamin d, the more time i spend in the sun (one HUGE benefit of so cal)!  here is a great place to start in learning about vitamin d.

jesus storybook bible animated!

jesus storybook bible is prob our favorite kid's bible.  now they have some of the stories animated!  and read in a cool british voice, which obviously makes them automatically 100% better :)

anything about ron paul

here's one you can start with.

at first this one made me mad.  now i just think its hilarious (and the inspiration of this blog title)

ok, i cant resist.  one more.  the establishment is scared, because ron paul will remove the money IV drip.

aaand one of my fave subjects: raw milk

with the owner of our local raw milk dairy farm! 

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