Wednesday, January 18, 2012

what i have been reading recently

last week i shared about what i have been watching recently.  but i have also been doing quite a bit of reading recently, and i'd love to share that with you too, as i have been loving the books that i am reading.

real marriage by mark and grace driscoll

when mark driscoll writes, i read. i am about halfway thru this book, and i am loving it!  mark and his wife grace are honest about their marriage and their sin, and in the process constantly point to God, his good design for marriage and our need for the reconciliation and restoration that Jesus can bring to marriage.

you are a sinner.  your spouse is a sinner.  jesus can bring you new life in the midst of your sin.  jesus can also bring new life to your marriage when you recognize the implications of the good news about jesus's life, death and resurrection in your marital relationship.

the vaccine safety manual by dr neil miller

this is the first anti-vaccine book i have read.  it is very eye opening and i am really enjoying it.  it is widely researched with over 1,000 citations.  the whole vaccine issue is definitely one i am praying A LOT for wisdom on.

thats all i will say, because when i say any more about vaccines, i tend to get a lot of strongly worded comments...

operation world

i love this book!  i will be reading it every day for the next year.  it is a year long guide to praying for all the nations of the world.  God has really used it to remind me of my need to pray for the nations and reinvigorating my desiring to be a missionary overseas.

today, i bought a large wall map, i will probably hang it up in our dining room.  this will serve as a visual reminder to pray for the nations, as well as the missionaries we support, and help me to learn more geography.

for the love of God, volume one by d.a. carson

i also love this book! which is good because i will also be reading it for the next year (and then next year i will be reading volume two).  the title is funny (not intentionally... but it sounds like something you say when you are frustrated), but the content is WAY deep.  it is a daily devotional that goes along with the daily bible reading plan that i am doing, explaining part of the reading more in depth.

what i love about this book (that i find lacking in many devotionals) is that he goes in depth on each topic, mixing historical knowledge with theology with references to numerous other parts of the bible.  i also really appreciate that he makes it clear that the whole bible, every page points to jesus and the good news of his life, death, burial and resurrection.  because that truly is the main point of the whole bible.

your medical mind by dr jerome groupman and dr pamela hartzband

this is a book to help you understand how you make medical decisions.  i don't generally trust doctors, and i like to make decisions for our family from my own research.  my hope is that this book is going to help me better this decision making process.  i just started it, so the jury is still out on whether i like it or not.


  1. I have heard some questionable things about Driscoll's book from Kevin DeYoung, Tim Chailles and others. Have you read their reviews?

    1. i haven't but i will look them up. thanks for the heads up :)

  2. I just finished When Helping Hurts - - it's a fantastic glimpse into what it means to follow Jesus' example in loving the world - and it challenges the common Western (even Christian) mindset about what poverty is and what should be done to help those in poverty. I highly, highly recommend it.

    1. actually, that one is on my (very long) list of books to read... thanks for the recommendation, that might help bring it up higher on the list :)