Saturday, October 9, 2010

twice the loveliness?

the first time that alex saw birth mom, he suspected that she was pregnant again [baby girl was 5 months at the time, by the way].

recently we found out that this is true.  there has been lots of speculation and discussion between alex and i about the gender of the baby and her possible due date. [to be clear, if the child was taken from mom, we would be first to get the call, but she would probably only be taken if she tests positive for drugs.  which might not happen, because it seems as though mom is clean right now, as far as we can tell]

on thursday, after the parent visit, the social worker told me that the baby is a girl.  a girl!  my heart soared.  i felt almost as happy as i would be if i found out i was having a girl.  that moment reaffirmed my love for these kids and my desire to be in their lives.  i prayed [i think for the first time?] that God would definitely allow us to adopt them [all 5... or more?], though i know that his plan is perfect, no matter what it is.

i think i would have been just as excited to find out that she is having a boy.  just getting more of an idea of who might be a part of our lives soon is exciting.  but when i found out it is a girl, all i could think about was all the loveliness of lovely girl, and how that soon may be doubled.  that would be, in a word, awesome.

we are suspecting a due date in january, plus or minus.  but this is a total guesstimate.

in other news, oldest will start pre-school this week!  i have mixed emotions but i am mostly excited.  more on that in a future post [if i get around to it!]

in still other news, i have ventured out into a new realm of the culinary world... fermenting vegetables!  so far i have made garlic and dill carrots, jalapenos, and sauerkraut.  and right now a batch of ketchup is fermenting.  yum!  more on that as well in a future post [if i get around to it!] but until then, i recommend this recent blog series from nourishing gourmet if you want to know some of the many benefits to lacto-fermentation.

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