Thursday, October 21, 2010

its gonna be two babies

tonight before bed, the boys and i were praying for "number one mommy's" [ie their birthmom] unborn baby.

as he was bouncing up and down while doing circles [a typical activity during prayer for these guys], oldest brother announced "its gonna be two babies".

my ears perked up.  "by two babies do you mean two babies in number one mommy's tummy or one baby in number one mommy's tummy and one [insert lovely girl's name]?"

*blank stare*

"are there two babies or one baby in number one mommy's tummy?"

"two babies"

now, oldest brother is four and often gets things mixed up.  so i'm not putting stock into birthmom being pregnant with twins.  but its a slight possibility at this point.

that would be crazy!!!!

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