Wednesday, April 28, 2010

today i was a mama

kind of.

we are watching our pastor's four kids this week, and today i was able to cancel my first two sessions of the day and stay at their house (three of the kiddos go to school, and i was homeschooling the other one).  it was so much fun!  i mean it definitely helps that they are older (10-15 years old) and pretty independent.

all day i basically home schooled, cooked, did laundry and cleaned a little bit.  it was glorious.

in the evening i worked for two hours, and that two hours took more out of me than the rest of my whole day.

we are still waiting for our out of state paperwork to come through before we can be certified for foster/adoption.  and waiting and waiting and waiting. i know its in God's timing.  but i surely am looking forward to being a mama!

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