Sunday, April 11, 2010

the bride: part 1

recently i have been really into the song "the bride" by lecrae, which has taught me a lot about the church, along with why we love the church.

in the chorus lecrae raps:

"yeah she may look gritty
when her man come back she gon' look so pretty - she the Church
you might see her acting crazy,
be patient with her tho cause she still God's baby - she the Church
before you dis her get to know her,
Jesus got a thing fo her and died just to show her - she the Church
she ain't bricks and buildings
she all of God's people men women and children"

the imagery of Jesus' people being His bride (revelation 19) is truly astounding.   it especially strikes me when it states that "it was granted her to clothe herself with fine linen, bright and pure." (19:8)

the bible makes it clear that we have not earned the bright and pure linen.  quite the opposite, we have used the beauty God has bestowed on us prostitute ourselves out to other lovers (ezekiel 16).

but Jesus has not cast his bride aside, despite these things.  while we were ill-deserving, He died the death we should have died, and paid the price we could not pay.  as a result, his people, the church will be well dressed on that day, because he granted it.

is it possible to be a true friend to someone but absolutely hate his wife?  i dont think so.

in the same way, i find it hard to believe some people who claim to love God but hate church.  its just not possible.

she may "look gritty", she may "act crazy" but jesus still chose to love her and even die for her.

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  1. sarah! i really liked this post. it definitely made me think :) I've been processing the church's role as Jesus' bride lately, and this was really cool to read. thanks for posting!