Monday, December 28, 2009

new years resolutions

i rarely make new years resolutions, or even reflect on a year that is coming to a close in a meaningful way. but this quality blog lists 10 important questions to ask at the start of the new year. thinking through these things has really helped me, and i would commend these questions to you as well.

something i have been thinking about for a while... reading john calvin's "institutes". to me this book is only for men who are really into theology and dead people... but as i have written here before, i am passionate about more women getting into theology. in light of this, i have decided to read this book in 2010, and write about what i learn here.

i usually hesitate to share with people a goal i'm not exactly sure i will accomplish, but by God's grace i will get through about 100 pages of this book each month this year to finish it. and by God's grace he will use it to sharpen me and help me to love Him more and love His people more as well.

other blessings that i am praying for God to graciously give me in this coming year:

*the ability to love Alex more, pray for him more, trust him more, criticize him less.

*to spend more time meditating on and memorizing scripture, and reviewing already memorized scripture so that it stays in my head.

*twin babies, with the adoption finalized in time for us to go home next christmas.

*the motivation to pray more consistently for people that i care about.

what are some of your new years resolutions?

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