Wednesday, December 30, 2009

more thoughts on joy

i read an excellent article here this morning on why many Reformed people lack joy.

i highly recommend the whole article, but here are his main points.

the problem:
  • the author and many of his friends "immigrated" from evangelicalism to being Reformed. they feel something missing from their experience and decided what is missing is joy.
the reasons:
  • many Reformed people today "immigrated" from evangelicalism to being Reformed. they were saddened and hurt by the problems they formerly faced, which doesn't naturally incline them towards joy.
  • Reformed types are often very concerned about accuracy, which takes their focus off of the heart of the matter, which should lead to joy.
the remedy:
  • return to God's word to discover afresh what real joy is.
  • reformed churches should emphasize the need for joy in a believer's life.

"This spiritual joy consists in a delightful motion of the soul, generated by the Holy Spirit in the heart of believers, whereby He convinces them of the felicity of their state, causes them to enjoy the benefits of the covenant of grace, and assures them of their future felicity.
Exposure to God's covenant Word and covenant deeds should yield joy in God's people. "

-Puritan William Brakel

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