Thursday, February 9, 2012

biblical manhood, bra burning and raising healthy eaters

God, manhood and ministry (the desiring God 2012 pastor's conference)-  a bunch of really great talks are available on line for free from the recent pastor's conference.  so far i have listened to two of the talks, and i can say that i highly recommend the panel discussion and the first talk by doug wilson.

these talks are geared toward men and are on the topic of men and biblical manhood.  so, why do i recommend them to the female readers of my blog?  for several reasons: 1.) if you are single, you need to know what to look for in a good man 2.) if you are married, you need to know the biblical values God desires for your husband.  knowing these things, you can pray well for him and encourage him in these areas.  3.)  all women need healthy men in their lives, and resources like this helps us discern what kind of man is in good spiritual health.  this includes male friends (for single women) and more importantly male church leaders.

a new reason to burn your bra?  could it interfere with your limbic system (ie the body's trash removal system), contributing to things like breast cancer?  the jury is still out on this one for me, but the article makes some interesting points.

how to get kids to eat healthy- a study of motivation and food rewards/punishments.  i especially recommend the video, it is super interesting.  i cant say that i agree with everything he says (for example, i think it IS wise for parents to teach kids what is healthy, he downplays this too much) but i do agree that certain foods should not be overemphasized or restricted, it makes them that much more appealing.  what i have tried to do with our kids is to give them options when appropriate, but also set boundaries when appropriate.  and though i ranted (probably too much) about the amount of mcdonalds and candy their birth mom gave them (ie every time they saw her, literally), i can say that i feel good about the food freedoms they had (for example, if they wanted a second helping of food, they could choose what they wanted more of).

this reminds me of an interesting study done a while ago (like 1950′s or so). they gave babies (i think around one year old) lots of different foods to choose from at every meal and recorded what and how much they ate of each food. they discovered that even though on any one day (or multiple days in a row) the babies might focus on just one or two foods, overall they ate a completely balanced diet. with no help from anyone! they just intrinsically knew. pretty interesting.

and a cool infographic.  click it to enlarge.

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