Monday, June 2, 2014

May in Our Home

Hard to believe that this month has already come and gone.  Harder still to believe is that our little man is already 2 months old!  We are starting to get into a rhythm with Hudson, which has made for a fairly predictable nursing and sleep pattern (emphasis on fairly :) ).  I also made an exciting discovery which has made carrying him much easier (he's over 13lb now and getting to heavy for the Moby and sling, but not quite big enough for the Ergo, which is a much more comfortable wear)... I can wear him in the Ergo in a cradle hold position (ie sideways, with his head sticking out of the top but two feet hanging out of one side).  (If you try this, be careful because its not a recommended carrying position by the manufacturer and baby could potentially slide out of the side, but I always wear him snug and usually have one hand resting on him all times to help be aware of his position, so this hasn't been an issue)
The shirt just about sums it up...

Our garden is starting to sprout and grow.  So exciting!  But as our plants grow, so do the weeds.  So, we've also been weeding a lot this month.  But the work is already paying off: we got our first harvest this past week!  The quick growing, cool weather crops are what have come in first: radishes (which didn't do super well because I failed to thin them), lettuce, swiss chard and spinach.  Eating that first salad with baby lettuce greens and radishes was very satisfying.  And delicious. :)

Have you ever tried to get through the day with only three functioning brain cells?  I have.  Or at least that is how this entire month has felt.  A combination of getting to bed late (due to Alex's job), having trouble falling asleep, waking up at night to nurse, choosing not to nap in order to get stuff done around the house, carrying a fussy baby all day, choosing not to drink caffeine to help with aforementioned fussiness and giving all my body's needed nutrients to milk-making has left me feeling like a zombie most of the day.  Each day my to do list barely got touched as looking at it made me want to take a nap.  I know this is normal with a newborn, but I do hope that something changes soon because I'm getting behind in a lot of the big picture homemaking tasks I hope to accomplish (though, thankfully, the small picture tasks of laundry, dishes, cooking, etc are happening).  So, we are still at the point of just making it through the day each day.  I am content with that (for now) but hope it changes soon.

I did manage a small sewing project the last couple days of the month.  Esther has become quite motherly in the past 6 months, and even more so since Hudson was born.  One thing she likes to do is to "change" her stuffed animal's diapers with our cloth diapers.  So I decided to make couple doll sized cloth diapers for her to play with.  I thought she would be really excited about it, but she basically ignored it when I showed it to her after I was done.  Buuut... hopefully she grows into it. :)

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