Monday, February 3, 2014

January in our Home

January marked our first full month as Indiana residents.  Much of the month was spent continuing to adjust to and get to know our new home, new town and new church.  Though new things like this (especially new relationships) are never easy for an introvert, I can say that I am really enjoying our new life here, and haven't looked back longingly at California once.  But in the midst of discovering new things, I know that this move is still requiring us to work, especially to put in the work of building new friendships, which don't happen overnight.

I have certainly had the sense that this month was the start of some much needed rebuilding in our lives.  Spiritually, Alex and I are both doing well, markedly better than our last few years in California.  It has been a really refreshing break to not lead anything at church, and only do minimal hosting at our home. Though these are ministries we enjoy, this is the right time for us to take a pause from it.  God will lead us back into these things at the right time, but now is the time for Him to "restore, confirm, strengthen and establish" (1 Peter 5:10) us for future ministry.  It has also been encouraging and faith-building to see God answer many important prayer requests this month, from income (Alex now has two part time jobs) to health insurance as well as requests for spiritual strength and growth.

Not only am I thankful for God providing us with health insurance, but very excited that there is a local midwife who accepts the insurance (and recommended by several ladies at church).  Furthermore, her office is less than a mile from our house and the hospital only a minute farther down the road!  Looks like we won't be driving for an hour to the hospital as I labor, as happened with Esther.  After 2 1/2 months without prenatal care, I was very happy to be able to have my first appointment with my new midwife this week.  As I just hit the 10 week mark until baby boy is due, I am starting to think through what needs to happen in the couple months before he comes.

As my days these days are filled mostly with discipling Esther, a big part of this month has been figuring out our daily routine.  In addition to our next door rec center and amazing library, we just discovered another rec center that has a huge room filled with every toddler/preschool aged toy that you can imagine. This month was also our first couple times attending our church's mom group called BloomingMoms, which will be a fun playtime for Esther as well as a refreshing and insightful time for me.  Surprisingly, Esther has been more than ok with all the indoor time we have had (maybe because of how much she hates the cold!) and we have been filling our days at home with reading LOTS of books, coloring, puzzles and other toys.  I will be happy when it warms up and we can go outside again, but I am pleasantly surprised at how well all this indoor time is going.

What was January like in your home?

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