Friday, September 27, 2013

August in our Home: an Addendum

There are a few things I failed to mention in my August in our Home update.

First of all, I had a birthday last month.  Yay, happy birthday to me, I turned 28.

Secondly, we took a trip to Las Vegas, to celebrate a friend's birthday.  It was my first time in Vegas.  It was HOT.  We only spent about 24 hours there, so we just saw a lot of the main sights.  I really enjoyed watching the water fountain show at the Bellagio.

Thirdly, I failed to mention my main activity of August: sitting on the couch.  Actually, more like laying on the couch.  Almost every day in August, for Esther's entire nap time.

Because... I'm pregnant!!  Yay!

I'm about 12 weeks along now.  First trimester is almost done! :D  I've been pretty nauseous so far (hence all the time on the couch), and I'm hoping it gets better second trimester.

I am due mid-April of next year.  We can't wait :)

Oh, and I have to mention that all my nesting in July was definitely God's grace because by time we figured out that I was pregnant I was already so nauseous that I was worthless for housework.  So all the cooking and cleaning I did ahead of time was vital for getting us through the month, even though we didn't get another foster child soon after baby girl left like we were expecting.  Thank you, Lord!

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