Monday, August 12, 2013

hot days, cold drinks: coconut iced chai

i love the decadent richness of coconut milk.  adding coconut milk to any dish or drink is sure to take it up a few notches in taste.  that is why i love the combination of coconut milk and chai tea.  this recipe tastes like it should cost $5.00 at a coffee shop (and they could easily charge that much) but you can make it at home for less than $1.00 (even if you are using organic ingredients!).

for this recipe, i use loose leaf chai tea blend of rooibos and tulsi herbal teas.  i am starting to move towards loose leaf teas because they are less expensive per pound than bagged tea, and create less waste.  almost any chai tea should work for this: black, green or herbal, bagged or loose-leaf.  sometimes i make a double batch of tea for breakfast and drink half with breakfast and save the other half for an afternoon iced chai!

Chai Latte at Chinatown Coffee

coconut iced chai 

1 cup of strong brewed chai tea, cooled
1/2 cup full-fat canned coconut milk
5-8 drops of stevia (more or less to taste)

1.  stir together the tea, coconut milk and stevia.  pour over ice and enjoy!

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photo credit: Mr. T in DC on flickr

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