Friday, April 19, 2013

how far should obedience to parents go?

hudson taylor (famous innovative missionary to china in the 1800's) penned these words as he was waiting months (because of slow mail) to get permission to marry the woman he loved, even while he knew that untrue, derogatory things were being said about him back in england.

they may be pretty surprising for our american eyes to read:
"i have never known disobedience to the definite command of a parent, even if that parent were mistaken, that was not followed by retribution... the responsibility is with a parent, in such a case, and it is a serious one.  when the son or daughter can say in all sincerity, 'i am waiting for thee, Lord, to open the way,' the matter is in his hands to take it up"
wow.  i think this would also apply to obedience to the godly authority that God has placed over us (such as the elders and pastors of our church).

this could only be written by someone who also wrote:
"how important to learn... to move man, though God, by prayer alone"

what faith!

what do you think?

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