Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the diva awards

we affectionately call our chickens "the divas" for a few reasons:

1. they are all named after famous divas (tina turner, diana ross, etta james, etc)

2. they act like divas.  especially the older ones... always complaining unless they get their way.  super catty and always picking on each other.

i have decided to give them awards based one what i have noticed so far.

most dominant - tina turner!!  she is definitely at the TOP of the pecking order. don't even think about eating some food if she wants it too.  she will definitely peck you if you try.  she is also the lead aggressor against the pullets (younger chickens).

most difficult - minnie riperton.  she literally does the exact opposite of whatever i want her to do.  for this reason she has spent the night outside of the coop many nights when she wont go in like i try to get her to.  she also spends most days in the yard and not in the chicken run.  in the yard she has no access to food and water, but yet she persists to go there instead of where the food is.  lastly, she is constantly getting in the older chickens' way, which has gotten her injured on many occasions and she STILL hasn't learned!

dumbest - jessica simpson.  when i open the coop to let them out, she just stands there and stares.  when i try to help her out she walks the opposite direction.  she is the last one in the coop at night (unless minnie is still rebelliously running around).  she just doesn't get it.  slow to move and slow in the  head.

congratulations to the winners!

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