Tuesday, November 29, 2011

random updates on life and fam

*alex has started traveling for his work.  its kind of a bummer in ways, but i will start traveling with him from time to time.  that's why, this week i am in san jose with him!  yay for road trips.  this is our first time traveling with kids (we weren't allowed to travel anywhere with the foster kiddos).  so far it has been easy, but that's probably because esther is still at a pretty easy stage.

*esther is getting bigger and rounding out.  thanks to her nutritious mama's milk :)

*i am going to start giving my extra milk to a milk bank!  i could only find ONE non-profit milk bank in all of california.  isn't that ridiculous?  all of the other ones sell the milk for profit. ironically, it happens to be in san jose, but i can just mail the milk in, i dont have to drop it off (though I could do so now that we are traveling there so often).

*the reason i am pumping milk is to keep my supply up so that i can give breast milk (and hopefully NO formula) to our next foster baby.  i like esther a lot.  but i am also already looking forward to our next little one.

*i am experimenting with infant potty training, also known as elimination communication or EC.  so far, i am pretty encouraged: esther goes about half the time i put her on the potty.  i am not completely committed yet, but i have seen enough good that i think we'll stick it out.  most likely we wont see results super fast, but if we keep up she very likely could be completely potty trained by 18 months or earlier.  i would be ok with that! :)

*this year will be my seventh time having a christmas cookie decorating party!  this one might be the biggest.  no matter if its big or small, i am pretty excited. :)

*i am spending a lot of time these days researching vaccines.  i've found its a pretty hot button topic.  that's all i will say, lest i hit any other hot buttons.  although, i have noted with interest that the people i have talked to with the strongest opinions on the topic don't have any kids... interesting.

*i am loving this stage of life!  i feel very blessed.

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