Friday, July 22, 2011

on preparing (again) for becoming a new mom

our due date is less than two months away.  people keep asking if i am nervous, but all i can think is how hard can one be compared to four?  but i am trying not to be too confident, since we are inexperienced with newborns (lovely girl was 5 months when we got her).

i am looking forward to the next couple months for doing some of the research and preparation that i have been wanting to do for a while.  i am almost done with the two natural childbirth books that i bought (ina may's guide to childbirth and the bradley method).  next on my list is the womanly art of breastfeeding.  and after that i want to read several books from different perspectives about vaccines... i see that as a major decision and i want to make sure that i do plenty of research in order to make an informed decision.  basically, i need to learn about everything that i didn't need to learn about for being a foster mom. :)

i also need to research and buy a set of newborn cloth diapers, so i would love any input from people with experience in that!  i already have a set for 16+lbs that i love... so i just need the little ones.

i am excited for the blessing of this free time to prepare well for our baby.

as a side note, please pray for our little bun.  my midwife is concerned because she is not gaining weight like she should, which could lead to complications.  right now i am going in for extra testing twice a week to monitor how she is doing.


  1. Hi:) Since it seems you like to read, here are a few of my favorites:
    The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers by Dr. Jack Newman. Awesome! Also, go to Jack Newman's website. He has articles on it. His website is a thousand times more helpful than la leche league's ever is! One article is about getting good latch in the cross cradle position. It truly is a Godsend step by step instructions. You wouldn't think it would be so hard to connect point a to point b, but it is haha. This helped me a lot! But it is a good one to start with as you and baby get used to each other.
    I also like The baby book by Dr. Sears. (the only thing I probably wouldn't like about it is the discipline section--but I didn't read that section... For discipline: Don't Make Me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman. Excellent.
    For making baby food: Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron
    As for cloth diapers: I LOVE Mother Ease diapers We have the one-size diapers. They grow with the kid. They are pretty economical, and I don't have issues with leaks. One thing I recommend new moms to do (and it is fine if you don't), but buy disposables for a couple weeks-1 month. a) merconium is a bear to get out b) those first few weeks take a lot of adjusting... ease into it.
    Have you had an ultrasound of your baby? A girl I discipled on summer project's Mom worked as an ultrasound tech. When she was pregnant, she ultrasounded herself because she wasn't getting bigger. Found out there was an issue, and they were able to address it, so the girl I discipled was a miracle baby:)
    Headed home from CSU tomorrow. It will be nice to be home. Have a blessed night!
    Heather Slagle

  2. Hi Sarah, I left facebook, and I was curious if your baby was born? Wasn't sure of your email...thinking of you.

    Heather Slagle

  3. hey heather-

    esther hope has arrived! she is about 2 1/2 weeks old right now. i am in the process of writing up our birth story, and i hope to post it soon. one of these days...


  4. PS dont know if i told you but i did end up buying the Dr Newman book and i LOVED it!!! so helpful!