Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day, alex

yes, alex hasn't been a dad for even a full year yet.  yes, all of his parenting experience (of kids outside of the womb) have been with foster kids, which aren't the same as adopted/biological kids.  yes, are not any children in our home currently (besides our little bun in the oven).

despite these things, i can already say numerous reasons why alex is a great dad.  and i am excited to see how God continues to grow him in the coming years to be an even greater father.

1.  he has a deep commitment to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of his family, and to lead the family well.

2.  he desires to give generously to his family.

3.  the way that he holds a baby... there is no describing it, you just have to see it.

4.  because seeing him as a father makes me a better mother.

5.  he desires over all other things that his children would follow Christ.

6.  he prays for his children.

7.  he teaches his children the gospel, not morality.

8.  he makes his children laugh and have fun.  he delights in them.

9.  he fully participates in and doesn't complain about the mundane tasks of fatherhood: brushing teeth, changing diapers, getting them dressed.

10.  he delights in being a father.

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